October 21, 2011

Photo by Taylor Deupree


Thank you for all the support.





October 21, 2011
“Shizuku” release party

Thank you everyone who came out to the 2011 12k showcase and “Shizuku” release party!!!! and apologies to those of you that may not have gotten in at the last minute. It was quite a full house combined with a smaller venue and it was pretty tight, so thank you for putting up with the crowded conditions. BIG THANKS to Keiichi, Tetsuro and Sanae for organizing the event and for all of the energy and hard work they put into the show and promoting it! And a special thanks to Taylor for making the whole event and release possible, for working tirelessly until the end to get “Shizuku” pressed and ready in time for the event. All of the artists played varied and beautiful sets and I think people were treated to a range of sound that showcased the breadth and depth of 12k as a continually evolving label, constantly growing and pushing into new territories. We are honored and humbled to be part of such an inspiring label and roster of artists we so deeply respect


October 11, 2011
ILLUHA Rehearsal


We are busy preparing for our live set this coming Friday, October 14.