October 17, 2014
ILLUHA Live at EMAF Tokyo 2014 at Liquidroom

ILLUHA has been invited to play at the annual EMAF Tokyo 2014 Festival.
The festival has a great line-up including Luke Vibert, Holly Herndon, James Holden, Aus and more.
Details here.

April 2, 2014
Japan Tour Tickets

Reserve your tickets for the Japan Tour here.
Japan Tour のチケット予約はこちらです:


April 1, 2014

We will be embarking on a Japan tour with Stephan Mathieu, Taylor Deupree and Federico Durand.
If you are in the area, please come show your support for these wonderful artists traveling from all corners of the world for this special 花見 Tour. Details below.

今週から Stephan Mathieu, Taylor Deupree and Federico Durand と日本ツアーに出ます!

March 19, 2014

We’ve been holed up in the studio this past year+ and so it’s been an incredibly long while since we’ve updated this journal.
The veil of winter is lifting now as we come out of hibernation, and are excite to share with you the product of our seclusion…Akari.

One and a half years in the making, Akari is our new album released on 12k today.
The making of this album was both a joy and an arduous process, but we are extremely proud of it and want to share it with as many people as possible.

While available from iTunes https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/akari/id833133909 we recommend the physical release which is available from the 12k shop http://shop.12k.com/products/526023-illuha-akari and comes with a post card set painted by my 10 year old son, Sam Estlin.

We hope the music and artwork speak for themselves without us needing to be there to defend or make explanations.

Stay tuned for some behind-the-scenes images from the making of “Akari”, and also news about our upcoming Japan tour with Stephan Mathieu, Taylor Deupree and Federico Durand.


September 22, 2012

ILLUHA will be hitting the road again this fall.

Five shows over ten days again, but this time across Japan

with our friends Taylor Deupree, Marcus Fischer and Simon Scott.

We will be playing in Matsumoto, Kyoto and three shows in Tokyo.

In Tokyo shows we will meet up with 12k artists Christopher Willits, Minamo, Sawako, and Moskitoo for a 12k festival

over the course of two nights at Super Deluxe and then in unique collaborative combinations at Yougenji. Don’t miss it!

Tickets are going fast, so be sure to make your reservations soon. Details on the respective sites below.


Reservations: http://12k2012.cubicmusic.com/     http://www.kualauktable.com/event/12kJapan/12k2012.html



アメリカツアーと同じく十日間で五講演。今回はTaylor Deupree, Marcus Fischer, Simon Scott と共に松本、京都、東京と回ります。

東京では来日予定のChristopher Willits, そして東京在住アーティストMinamo, Sawako, Moskitooと合流し12k Festivalに参加します。


予約/詳細: http://12k2012.cubicmusic.com/     http://www.kualauktable.com/event/12kJapan/12k2012.html


July 22, 2012

ILLUHA will be embarking on a US West Coast Tour in the coming weeks with En (Root Strata, Students of Decay)!!!

We will be kicking off the 10 day, 5 show tour in Oakland, California by playing at the Subliminal Festival  with Lawrence English, Gregg Kowalsky and Paul Clipson. Dates and cities below:

8/2: Subliminal Festival  Oakland, California with Lawrence English, Gregg Kowalsky, Paul Clipson

8/7: Portland, Oregon with En, Marcus Fischer (12k) + Strategy (Kranky)

8/8: Bellingham, Washington with En, Mathieu Ruhlmann (Spekk)

8/9: Vancouver B.C, Canada with En, Mathieu Ruhlmann (Spekk), Constantine Katsiris (Scant Intone)

8/10: Seattle, Washington with En, Marcus Fischer (12k)

Venues, times and other details to follow soon.

If you are in the area, please spread the word, come out, stop by and say hello



July 22, 2012
Yogenji event featured on Dommune + Ele-king

Noda Tsutomu, editor of the magazine Ele-king, was kind enough to cover our event and write a thoughtful review of the evening. If you read Japanese here is the full article:

July 22, 2012
Live at Yogenji with Illuha, Grouper, En, Ichiko Aoba, Yusuke Date

In April, we performed at Yogenji Temple along side Grouper, En, and Ichiko Aoba.

The Tokyo shows were both sold out and were a huge success and a great way for Grouper and En to kick off their Japan tour.

After the main performances, we shared food and drink, and those lucky enough to stick around were treated to an hour long improvisation between Grouper, En, Ichiko Aoba and ILLUHA.

Here are some images taken by Tanashin




July 22, 2012


It’s been a while since our last entry.

Illuha has been busy with life, working on new material in the studio, organizing and playing shows and exciting new plans for the coming year.

This year in January we embarked on a mini-Japan tour with Celer (Will Long), Asuna, Taishi Kamiya and Yusuke Date.

Here are some long overdue images from the tour through northern Japan and snow country. Enjoy!



March 21, 2012
Grouper/En Japan Tour on April 21st, 2012

Illuha will perform with Grouper and En at Yougenji